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+How to receive our services
All of our services are free and of no charge if the patient has one of the following plans: Medicare & Medicaid HMO plans Private insurance & private payments Our team can help determine your coverage — please call (847) 656-5035.

+Skilled Nursing
Post-surgical care Pain and symptom management Wound & injury care and prevention Laboratory testing & vital signs monitoring Diabetes management & blood glucose monitoring Central and peripheral IV lines administration of therapy Patient education on disease process, intervention, and prevention Foley catheter care & feeding tubes care Advanced foot care, and others

+Home Health Aide
Assistance with personal care, personal hygiene, and personal safety

+Physical & Occupational Therapy
Active & ROM (range of motion) exercise Resistive exercise, therapeutic exercise, breathing exercise Balance/coordination training, transfer training Progressive gait training with or without supportive device Instruction in stair climbing, proper posture, positioning, body mechanics Instruction in energy conservation, pacing, activity level Instruction in home exercise program, home safety measures

+Speech Pathology
Voice disorder treatment Speech articulation disorder treatment Dysphagia treatment Language disorder treatment Cognition-related treatment

+Medical Social Services
Assessment and assistance with: Patient compliance/motivation with treatment plan Housing, transportation Alternative living arrangements, LTC (long-term care) placement Financial and legal issues Community resources and environmental conditions for patient Long-range planning, safety issues

+Medical Equipment
Arrangement and delivery of equipment including: Wheeled walker, walker Quad cane, straight cane, crutches Wheelchair, electric scooter Shower/bath support, and others